The New York Times Moved To The Cloud with Alooma

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Watch How Alooma Helped The New York Times Move To The Cloud 

The New York Times Trusts Alooma

As one of the world's oldest and most prestigious news organizations, The New York Times (NYT) identified the need to modernize. This meant enabling all internal stakeholders including marketing, product and newsroom to make real-time data-driven decisions. 

The NYT started out with half a floor of mainframes, two Oracle warehouses, standalones and apps running on hundreds of MySQL databases. The mission was to migrate to the cloud. 

By working with Alooma, the NYT was able to migrate from their OLTP to Google BigQuery smoothly. On an on-going basis, we helped them to replicate data from transactional databases to Google BigQuery for real-time analysis. Using the Alooma Code Engine, NYT are able to scrub out sensitive information for security reasons. 

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